Transform your event into an unforgettable experience at our digital event space.

Digitiva makes a mark as a most technologically advanced event venue in the city of Tallinn.

Digital Event Space is a venue within Multimedia Art Space where our technology enables professionals to save the time for a setup, creating at the same time state of art experience for customers and allowing them to choose the theme of their event. The main hall is equipped with 360°projectors, sound system & mics, giving the entire venue fully visualized space covered with the perfect sound. Apart of that, the venue has enough additional rooms for a flowless event operations.We have seen a great response from businesses and private event organizers to use this approach for creating an unique event.

Included in the venue:

Means of use:


Corporate Events

Fashion Shows



Press Conferences

Brand Activations

Social Gatherings

Charity Events

Real Estate Launch

Film & Video


Product Launches








TV Shows

Yoga Classes


Award Ceremonies

Seating Plan Variations

Partnership events with Digitiva

We’re offering partnership to all creative people: musicians, video artists, artists, dance groups, photographers – anyone, who has something to present to the public. Hold a concert, exhibition, or a dance show at Digitiva space and offer an unforgettable experience your audience!

Events at Digitiva

If you would like to schedule your visit or have some further questions, please contact us on the following email address:

In addition to watching the show we can also organize snacks and drinks or private dinner tailormade as per your request.