“DIGITIVA redefines the traditional museum experience and brings art closer to all of us. Using special technology, you will be able to enter the world of art full of color, patterns and music. Buy your tickets now and step into the art space. “

About Us.

Digitiva – multimedia art space is open daily for individual and group visits. Visitors can expect to be drawn into the splendor of visuals and sounds while enjoying some of the most famous art works and classical melodies. Our exhibitions combined showcase more then 250 art works which are spread over 100 museums around the world. Our goal is to create a notion of inclusion, break the distances and bring the art closer to every individual. Our program is suitable for every age.

In addition to exhibitions, Digitiva hosts various private and corporate events, master classes, cultural classes, music concerts and lectures.

Using our technology, we are able to create custom made theme, making an unforgettable atmosphere for your event.

Festive season opening hours

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If you would like to schedule your visit or have some further questions, please contact us on the following email address: event@helios-hall.ee

In addition to watching the show we can also organize snacks and drinks or private dinner tailormade as per your request.